Important Tips on How to Conceive a Girl

Important Tips on How to Conceive a Girl

Important Tips on How to Conceive a Girl - There are two types of sperm, one containing a Y chromosome and one containing an X chromosome. These chromosomes decide the sex of a baby. X sperm create girls, and Y sperm create boys.

Now for most people they feel that to conceive a girl baby would be left to chance. But there are many who believe that there are factors that can affect too when getting pregnant with a girl.

Even though statistics show that you pretty much have a fifty percent chance of either, there are some things to consider when choosing a gender. It is a fact that X sperm swim slower than their counter parts, but they also tend to be heavier and stronger.

So, in order to get pregnant with a girl you need to know the exact time of your ovulation. When knowing this, you can time your intercourse a couple of days before ovulation. In this way the slower girl sperm don’t have to hurry to the egg. Instead, they are already waiting for the egg when it is released. Also, the weaker boy sperm have already died then.

Also, some sexual position is believed to increase the chances of getting pregnant with a girl. Many people believe that a shallow penetration favors a girl conception, because then the weaker boy sperm have to be exposed longer to a hostile vaginal environment.

Also, if the deed is done while the conditions are slightly less than ideal, prior to peak ovulation time, it is more likely that the X sperm will survive than the weaker Y sperm.

Let’s talk about men. What they need to be done? First of all, keep your sperm healthy and vivid. Without lively sperm it can be almost impossible for a woman to get pregnant in the first place.

Try to eat healthy, especially foods that contain a lot of antioxidants are believed to be good for the sperm count. Also, selenium, zinc sulfate, and folic acid can improve sperm viability. Avoid frequent ejaculation. Intercourse every two or three days should be enough to keep the sperm count adequate.

When trying to conceive a girl, the X sperm have to be able to live in the woman’s body for several days. That is why the man has to take care of his sperm.

Even though there is no guaranteed method to get pregnant with a girl, there is no harm to try suggestions mentioned in this article. There is plenty of more information on the internet about gender selection. Just make some Google searches and start learning.

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