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Making Healthy Sperm for Men - Esmarima

Making Healthy Sperm for Men - Good Quality sperm is vital to the reproduction process. To fertilize an egg hundreds of millions of sperm are needed. Normally a man will produce hundreds of millions of sperm every day but this can be affected but a number of disruptions such as an unhealthy lifestyle or a number of medical conditions. 

Below e some tips to increase your chances of producing sperm in both quality and quantity.

Cut back on caffeine

Excessive drinking of high caffeine drinks such as coffee and energy drinks can harm your long term sperm production. It has been found that even a single cup a day can half your chances of conceiving. It is recommend that you cut down your caffeine intake 3 months before attempting to conceive.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy is essential in producing good quality sperm. Eating healthy foods with high amounts of vitamins and minerals can boost the quantity and quality of your sperm.

Cut back on the alcohol

Alcohol is harmful to the health of sperm cells and cause cause abnormal sperm development and a general decrease is sperm count. Alcohol also reduces the body’s absorption of zinc which is vital to male fertility.

Quit smoking

Smoking also increases the amount of damaged and abnormal sperm cells and reduces their mobility as well as reducing the sperm count overall.

Avoid emotional stress

Stress can cause low sperm count as when under stress your body focuses its efforts on vital organs such as lungs and heart and sadly unlike us does not consider you testicles all that important. So keep happy and stress free to increase your sperm count and your general health too.


Exercise should be done to maintain a healthy body and perfect environment for sperm to be made but too much exercise can cause fertility issues so getting the right balance here can b quite important.

Individuals with low sperm count should visit doctors to determine if there are any underlying medical conditions which may be causing the low sperm count. Generally low sperm count does not mean the inability to father a child and there are many things that can be done.

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