Male Fertility Test

Male Fertility Test

Male Fertility Test - Low sperm count and motility are the most common causes of infertility in men. These cases could be so frustrating especially for couples who have the greatest desire to have a child of their own. Male fertility test is essential to be carried out to verify the condition and determine how fertile the guy is. 

Male sperm is typically examined under the microscope to ascertain the motility of the sperm. Male fertility test is much important to be performed so that the chances of the couples to conceive could somehow be estimated.

When to Have Male Fertility Test?

Male fertility test is done as soon as the couple is within the normal age and doesn’t have the luck to conceive after twelve consecutive months of trying to conceive. If you got intense problem with conception, then it is very much helpful to use male fertility test to find out underlying issue that it hindering your chances of getting pregnant successfully. In the case that there will be a problem identified, then depending the particular cause of the problem, appropriate actions and medical attention can be provided immediately.

Common Causes of Male Infertility

There are various causes of infertility in males. Not all cases are the same that’s why through assessment is being provided right after male fertility test is done to determine the precise cause of infertility. These include idiopathic or abnormal sperm count, hormonal imbalances, physical blockages of the Vas Deferens, genetic predisposition toward a low sperm count, and low fertility related to an illness. These problems can be thoroughly assessed with medical testing performed in any clinic or hospitals in your community.

Inclusion of Male Fertility Test

The initial thing to be done when doing the male fertility test is to collect samples of semen. Usually, the first sample should be collected and the second sample will be collected three months after the first one. The collection of the specimen with a space in between is highly necessary because of the time outline over which sperm is released. 

If one specimen is taken and then a second one was taken just right after or couple of days following the first, the specimen collected could contain two lots of sperm released at the same time. This specific action could alter the result of male fertility test, hence producing unreliable result or readings of the level of fertility.

Interpretation of Male Fertility Test`s Result

It is suggested to ask for assistance from a reputable medical professional or specialist despite the fact that male fertility test can possibly be done at home. A specialist could be the most reliable person to read and examine the result of the test for you. The male fertility test is an efficient means to determine the causes why a couple could be having problems with conception. Hence, you need to have appropriate readings of the result through the help of a specialist.

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