Female Infertility Causes Symptoms Treatment

Female Infertility Causes Symptoms Treatment

Female Infertility Causes Symptoms Treatment - Infertility is disease that is common in both males and females. There are few basic reasons for infertility in women. They are structural issues, mechanical issues and ovulatory issues.

Mechanical issues generally depend on the body structure of the women. This defect includes obstacle in the fallopian tube, difficulty in the opening and closing of the cervix and tumors in the uterus. These defects are generally caused when the lady was herself a fetus and was exposed to DES. It can also be caused by Endometriosis. 

Some surgeries can be done to cure some of these diseases again some need special treatment. About 25%-40% women suffer from this type of disease. Ovulatory issues are the failure of the ovary to perform its function which may be caused due to some hormonal inefficiency. This disease can be cured with medicines.

There are also many and unknown factors resulting in infertility in women. The cause for infertility cannot be known in near about 10% women. The endometrium which is the uterus lining changes depending upon on the hormones during the cycle of menstruation. These are the normal changes. This lining gets thickened in pregnancies but the lining remains thin when pregnancies do not occur, thus allowing the period. 

When the uterine lining is found in the other body parts, generally in the peritoneum it is known as Endometriosis. The reason for Endometriosis is not known yet but it is believed that it is due to the flow of the menstruation blood into the peritoneal cavity through fallopian tube during menstruation.

One of the most symptoms of endometriosis is the pain in the pelvic. The pain generally occurs during urination, sexual intercourse and bowel movement. Another common symptom is recurrent periods which do not tally with the cycle of menstruation. But in some women no such symptoms are seen and the disease becomes evident from infertility. 

The intensity of the pain does not indicate the seriousness of the disease. This disease generally occurs in women having this disease in heredity or to women who did not have children. This disease is found in Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Rectum, Bowel, The Outer portion of the Uterus, Bladder and in the Cul- de-sac. However endometriosis is also found in the other part of the body. 

Some of these tissues also remain attach to the organs of the body. As these tissues continues to normal menstruation and also bleeding from other places there is a chance of getting the tissues stick together and are known as scar tissues. This may result to the sticking of the organ which may cause pain in the organ.

One should go for a thorough examination including the pelvic when one feels the pain. This will help the individual to know the reason of such pain. When no negative result is found in such examination the further physical and hormonal test should be carried out. Occasionally through routine Laparoscopy this disease can be detected.

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