Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Health tips for pregnant women - Pregnant women should take care of their health. They require proper balanced diet which can meet the needs of the changes that take place in their bodies. They have particular nutrition and health needs as they are not only eating for themselves but also for the developing fetus in their womb. Hence, you should keep a watch on your eating and drinking habits. For instance, doctors give an advice to strictly avoid alcoholic drinks during this period.

Intakes of folic acid supplements are also advised .they are generally present as ingredients in various prenatal vitamins with other significant nutrients like vitamin B and minerals such as calcium etc.

If you are planning for baby or experiencing various signs related to pregnancy or if you find yourself pregnant then you should start taking a healthy diet. Your body undergoes various changes with time. 

You should not expose yourself to stressful conditions in such a situation and should get more and more rest. Even after many precautions, pregnant woman does suffer from feelings of fatigue as the body makes itself prepared for a new life. Hence during pregnancy, doctors recommend proper rest and no compromise with health.

Because you are sheltering a life within yourself, you are required to take in more calories than you used to. According to estimation, a pregnant woman should consume around 300 extra calories every day. It should be kept in mind that to gain these calories, you should consume healthy food products and avoid junk food. 

If you have cravings for some particular food stuff, you can take a prenatal vitamin as they help in lessening the craving. This is important because your body requires nutrition and junk food is just not the answer to it. Consumption of product like fruits, yogurt, veggies and bran muffins etc are advised.

Cigarettes and smokers should be ignored as they can have adverse effects on you and your baby. Even chemicals like paint, bug sprays, pesticides harsh cleaning compounds and weed killers should be avoided from inhalation.

A walk and some gentle exercises are an easy way to keep yourself fit and fine. They help in your flow of blood and also increase the oxygen levels of your body. Crunches, tummy exercises, heavy lifting or sit ups should be avoided. You should keep in touch with your nurse and doctor on a daily basis.

Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

  1. Get A Preconception Evaluation From Your Doctor -Do this first because the results may show such things as vitamin deficiency and other issues that could be hampering your ability to conceive. It will also help to pinpoint any underlying medical problems that you might not be aware of.
  2. Know When You Ovulate – Ovulation is the best time to get pregnant, and knowing your cycle is important to determining when best to have sex. How do you do this? By getting to know the symptoms of ovulation, such as changes in cervical mucus. Ask your doctor about what to look for.
  3. Stop Using All Birth Control – This one may seem obvious but many forget that birth control will create irregular cycles, and you need to have regular cycles to best determine when you ovulate. It might take some time before your cycle returns to normal.
  4. Folic Acid – It’s recommened that women trying to get pregnant take folic acid supplements to decrease the chances of birth defects.
  5. Stop Smoking, Drugs, And Drinking – This applies to both the man and woman. The disruptions caused by the chemicals from drugs can cause serious consequences for anyone trying to get pregnant. Smoking can reduce fertility in both men and women, men who smoke tend to have lower sperm counts.
  6. Remove Caffeine From Your Diet – reduces your ability to take in iron. This can lead to negative consequences such as a still birth.
  7. Check Your Weight – Studies have shown that that there is an optimal body weight for getting pregnant. Your body mass index needs to be between 20 and 30 for best chance of conception. It’s a good idea to get information from your doctor on how to get your BMI within that range. 
  8. Women suffering from depression are around twice as likely to have problems with conceiving as women who don’t. If you notice signs of depression get a mental health check. Also, try stress relief techniques, such as meditation and yoga, which may also be able to help in getting pregnant.
  9. Buy some sexy lingerie, some experts say that if a woman is highly aroused while having sex, the sperm has a better chance of fertilizing her egg. Others believe it makes no difference. It cant hurt and may even help in boosting your libido and killing that feeling of having sex just for pregnancy.
  10. Ask your man to chuck all briefs and wear boxers instead for a healthy sperm count. Also, having sex in the morning can help since the semen has the highest sperm count then.

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