How To Increase Breast Milk Naturally

How To Increase Breast Milk Naturally

How To Increase Breast Milk Naturally - Every young mother is concerned about how can she increase the breast milk. It’s a very common question asked to Esmarima by mothers without getting an effective reply. If you want to increase the supply of the milk you can follow these simple and natural ways to increase the milk.


  1. Always allow your baby to suck for long periods and more often. When the baby is suckling your brain receives a message that there is lack of milk in the breasts hence it produces more milk for your baby. This is a very effective way as it naturally increases the breast milk in your body. 
  2. Always continue to feed your baby with breast milk till the end. You should never stop feeding your baby in between as it gives signal to your brain to stop producing the milk. Also the last portion of the breast milk is considered to be healthier as it contains healthy fat which is important for weight gain and growth of the baby. 
  3. You need to be hydrated all the time as your body is producing so much milk for your baby. Always drink a lot of water, juices and other fluids. All though this will not lead to produce extra milk but it will keep you hydrated and healthy. Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables as this will keep you healthier and stress free. A healthy body is necessary for producing healthy breast milk. 
  4. You should increase the caloric intake. Young mother these days are too much worried about reducing the weight they gained during pregnancy. This is not a very healthy approach for you and your baby as it may lead to malnutrition. Breast feeding requires an extra 500 calories each day so don’t forget to increase your food intake. Moreover low calorie intake might lead to poor quality of breast milk which will lead to poor health of the baby 
  5. Drinking tea which contains natural herb fenugreek may help in increasing the milk supply. It is an effective way to increase the breast feed for your child. It is an effective herb and is available in markets these days. It’s a natural expectorant as its side effect is to produce more breast milk. With the consumption of this herb your breast milk may also have a smell of maple syrup. Read the manufactures direction see the amount of consumption each day.

How to increase breast milk naturally at home

As we all know that breast milk is the best nutrition for a baby but however it should come to an end after one point of time. Normally the lactation period lasts for a year and after this you have to starts bottle feeding. It can be difficult to wean a child from the breast milk so it might take some time to halt the milk supply. Discontinuation of breast milk may be difficult for the mothers too. Some tips are discussed below to stop the supply of milk supply.

You should try to wean your child slowly as it may be difficult to wean at once. This way the body gets the signal to lower the milk production. You should substitute breast feeding with bottle feeding. After you have stopped breast feeding it is advised not pump breast milk every day. It may lead to more production of milk. You should pump the breast milk only when you desperately need a relief. Applying cabbage leaf on the breast s is also an effective way of discontinuing milk supply. You need place one leaf inside each cup of your bra and wait till milk supply slows down.

During soreness medicine can be consumed however you should not form a habit as it might be reactive. Consumption of sage tree is also an effective way drying up the breast milk. You should consume about 2-3 cups of sage tea every day. Drinking water may also help in drying the milk so drink as much water as you can.

As the milk is already present in the breasts during weaning process the formation of milk automatically stops. However the stimulation of milk should be avoided all the time. While taking shower make sure that your nipples touch the shower as it may produce stimulation and milk.

Stopping breastfeeding immediately may lead to unnecessary frustration for you and your child, so this should be avoided. You should always remember that more the demand more the supply so you should always try to control the urges of relieving yourself by feeding your baby. Esmarima information will only lead to increase in the production of the milk. You should avoid heating pad or heated shower water to contact the nipples as it may lead to stimulation. You can always contact a lactation consultant as it is important for you to get a regular check up your breasts during lactation period.

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