Physical Signs of Early Pregnancy

Physical Signs of Early Pregnancy

Physical Signs of Early Pregnancy - There are signs that can help you determine if you are pregnant or not. However not all signs are experienced by all women. The fertilized egg travels to the uterus for two weeks after conception. Once the egg has implanted itself on the uterus; you can experience these signs and know that you are pregnant. Hormone levels change to which the body reacts.

Signs of being pregnant

Light spotting

Spotting can happen when the egg implanted itself on the uterus before your menstruation period. The bleeding is not heavy and it is usually pinkish or brownish.

Frequent urination

Some would have frequent urination before a period has been missed. Hormonal change can cause frequent urination.

High body temperature

This is a normal change in your body during ovulation. Your basal body temperature can stay elevated after the ovulation has been completed and still remains high when the period begins may man that you are pregnant.

Missing a menstrual period

This is one on the obvious pregnancy sign. You can also miss a period because of stress, illnesses, hormonal imbalance and allergic reaction to food and medicines. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, then missing one can be a sign.


Feeling tired always is one of the signs of being pregnant. You feel tired because of the change of hormones in the body which disappears when the boy has adjusted to the change.


The uterus can contract regularly because of the movements that you make as well as the exercise that you do during pregnancy.


This is the morning sickness that you feel during pregnancy. Not all women experience this and it can happen anytime ether day or night.

Tender nipples or breast

You breast and nipples become tender due to the hormonal change and it can go away once the body has adjusted to the hormonal change.

Darker areolas

The area surrounding the nipples becomes dark after a week from the conception. The bumps on the areolas can be more prominent looking.


The intestines may relax and function less than usual because of the hormonal change and can affect your bowel movement.

To make sure that you are pregnant, you can use a pregnancy test at home. ou should be healthy to avoid complications once you are pregnant. The first few weeks of life in the womb are the most important period of the development of the baby inside.

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